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By: Bill Brownlee

Published: October 31st 2017



Saturday, Nov. 4, at Black Dolphin

The MGDs, one of Kansas City’s funkiest bands, will celebrate the release of the five-song EP “Somos Comos Somos” at the Black Dolphin on Saturday. “North Park” evokes the classic horn-driven R&B by the likes of Solomon Burke, while “Gap” recalls the festive instrumental workouts of groups such as Tower of Power. The sextet pays homage to New Orleans party bands like the Radiators elsewhere on the EP. The MGDs’ slick showmanship and sharp suits enhance their good-time output.

9 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 4. Black Dolphin. 816-215-2954. Free. Details are available at



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KCUR's Band Of The Week: The MGDs



The sharp-dressed MGDs are one of Kansas City’s most accomplished party bands, strongly influenced by New Orleans groups such as the Radiators, the Iguanas and the Neville Brothers.

Much of the MGDs repertoire features vocals, but soulful grooves and joyous instrumental solos are the group’s strength.

Keyboardist and vocalist Damon Parker fronts the band, which also includes guitarist Scott Middleton, trumpeter Teddy Krulewich, saxophonist Rudy Vasquez, bassist Greg Bush and drummer Matt Davis.

After putting out a pair of full-length albums, the MGDs celebrate the release this weekend of "Somos Comos Somos" (Spanish for “we are what we are”), which, they promise, "translates the energy and aptitude from a live show into a compact, 5-song EP."

The MGDs, 9 p.m. Saturday, November 4, at the Black Dolphin, sister venue of the Green Lady Lounge, 1809 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri, 64108; 816-215-2954.



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