The MGDs


Mixed by Wes West at the Sound Factory, KCMO. Additional engineering by Alex Johnson. Engineered by Matt Davis at the Honeycomb Hideout, KCMO. All songs written and performed by the MGDs. Produced by Wes West and the MGDs. Special guest Dave Fyten on guitar, tracks seven and nine. Album art by Cameron Haddad and the MGDs. 

MGDs are: Matt Davis – Drums, Vocals, Percussion | Greg Bush – Bass | Damon Parker – Keys, Vocals

Rudy Vasquez – Saxophones | Eric Martens – Trumpet | Scott “Snoof” Middleton – Guitar


Much love to our families and friends who have stuck with us and shared our special moments. Here we go…


2013 MGDs All rights reserved




The Deli Magazine

Published: April 19, 2014

Miguel Caraballo


The MGDs hit the music scene in 2013 and have already secured regular rounds at venues such as The Kill Devil Club and The Phoenix. There’s no mistaking that these guys are true players, joining so many great bands in this city in offering up musical excellence. Elements of funk, soul, jazz and a splash of angsty rock are the sonic ingredients for this six-piece powerhouse. 

From their debut self-titled full-length release, it’s clear that The MGDs are playing to win. The sonic spectrum of the ten-track album takes you back to bands such as Earth, Wind, and Fire and the Average White Band. The incredibly singable and memorable horn lines are right on par with local greats like The Hearts of Darkness and Diverse, not to mention the John Scofield-esque guitar lines, phat bass tone setting the groove, and the fun, gritty vocals.

All the tracks are worth the money and the time but a few jumped out as strongest. “Hey Lady” displays incredible piano work that leads up to a spectacular piano and sax solo rounding out to an incredible fadeout over the main riff. “Spicy Jane” highlights the vocals with a great distorted effect that compliments the mood of the tune. “QT” stands out as their absolute best track: the bass intro lays down a groove you can’t stop moving to, and the guitar lines are the most prominent, with riffs that fit perfectly within the horn lines in the chorus. If you only have a few minutes to spare, start with “QT”: it’s the epitome of everything this band does well. 

Now for the nitty-gritty: the biggest opportunity for growth this band has is in its vocals. There are a few shaky lead lines and harmonies, but it seems to be only a matter of time before the vocals catch up, simply because of the sheer amount of overall talent this band displays.

Personally, I can’t wait to see their live show, and you should join me. At the very least you should run out and get this CD.


Check out The MGDs tonight at The Riot Room. They’re playing the 8th annual 420 Fest and will be taking the indoor stage around 6:30 pm. Facebook event page. They also play at The Phoenix every fourth Friday, and will be there next Friday, April 25.


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