Rudy Vasquez (2012 - 2017) – Saxophones & Percussion

The MGDs had been seeking a way to augment the group in the quest to better enhance their New Orleans musical flavors. Rudy was the first addition to the MGDs which had been a 3 piece for 4 years and he was just the right ingredient. The MGDs were in the process of recording their debut album when he joined and by the end had a hand in forming the nucleus of the classic MGDs sound that audiences have come to love. Rudy truly showed the extent of his artistic abilities on the second LP “Wake Up” by supplying iconic tunes such as Nod, Mood Swing and Where’s Chuck. And on top of that, he created the hand-drawn artwork for the album.  


Rudy departed the group in late 2017 after the release of the MGDs 3rd album “Somos Como Somos” and is currently enjoying a well-deserved retirement in the sovereign state of Texas, hanging out on the beach with his Jeep and his wonderful wife Lynn. 


Eric Martens (2013 - 2016) - Trumpet

The MGDs reached a whole new level of magic when Eric joined in 2013. Now with an official horn section, the MGDs’ musical color scheme became brighter and more diverse than ever thanks to Eric’s sharp ear and strong aptitude. Like Rudy, Eric made it into the band before the recording portion of the first album was completed adding a special element to the project. Eric and Rudy collaborated on the writing of the second project where they became known as 'The ER Horn Section’ which resulted in the track title “Emergency Room” on the Wake Up LP.


In 2016, Eric had to make the difficult decision to leave the MGDs in order to live his passion and operate his privately owned, fledgling company. The fellas in the band knew all too well that this former chemist had a hidden talent in making some of the highest quality beer, even with the limited equipment in his kitchen. But the secret could no longer be kept and Kansas City’s Crossroads District is better off for hosting the Border Brewing Company. Eric and his wife Tracy currently run the brewery and taproom where the doors are open Wednesday through Sunday. Recently, they added a large deck where the MGDs occasionally preform.  


Border Brewing Company

406 E 18 St.

KCMO 64108 


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